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Most viewed Sam Harris, "The Moral Landscape: How science can determine human values Page 2, Free Press, 2010-OCT. 62 67 Social homophobia The fear of being identified as gay can be considered as..
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Life of Anne Hathaway. (See Appendix I for Ministry of Education's 2001 English Language Syllabus for Primary and Secondary Schools). Explain briefly the major points you plan to cover in your..
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Essay on man's cruelty to animals

essay on man's cruelty to animals

them. If capital punishment should not be abolished essay these acts had been reported to authorities and taken seriously, these two young men might have been put in a proper facility and helped, possibly avoiding the horrific massacre. Examples include starvation, dehydration, untreated parasite infestations, inadequate shelter in extreme weather conditions, and the failure to get medical care. Many people such as dog breeders and dog fighters use these precious animals to make money, no matter what it takes. Most cats and dogs that a person gets from a pet store have come from a puppy mill, where they are caged up and bred multiple times (Animal Cruelty Facts 2). If the animal is hurt not to procure food, or release the animal from incurable suffering but wantonly for mere sport, the indulgence of a cruel and show more content, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated that, Everyone sees things. Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota have no felony provisions for cruelty to animals. Retrieved 07:27, October 08, 2018, from. There are two categories: passive cruelty and active cruelty.

It is important to be aware of such harm and abuse that occur every day. Abuse can also be understood as a misuse or to use wrongly or improperly (Abuse, 1989). Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. This is the usual verdict of most of the people, but do humans really have to descend to violence and showcase animal hurting first before they can be denounced as abusers of animals? The contribution of the animals to society is of much importance as it has generously benefited the people since the distant past. Smith, personal communication, ). Sahmara Gardner, eNC1101, may 11, 2013, cruelty to Animals.

Active cruelty, on the other hand, is more well known and disturbing. It is our job to be the voice for creatures who cannot speak up for themselves. If we keep abusing animals and using them for our own selfish reasons, the attitudes of the animals will change through time. Hence, animal abuse can also be described as a method of misuse or improper consumption of animals. While not all animal abusers become serial killers or rapists, it is important to take every case seriously. The first involves acts of omission, meaning the abuse happens as a result of neglect or lack of action.

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